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David Gleave, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist located in Portland, OR


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David Gleave, Psy.D

Dr. David Gleave, PsyD, of Thriving Center of Psychology, began working and studying in the mental health field in 2003 and has been a licensed psychologist in Oregon since 2016. His experience includes assessing and treating people presenting with almost all mental health disorders.

Dr. Gleave's hope for every client is to find healing and positive change and to also leave treatment with the skills and mindset to orchestrate a life full of meaning. He seeks to tailor treatment to each unique client by first gathering information and listening well to understand what would be helpful. He finds that some clients are best served by providing a therapeutic environment and otherwise getting out of their way to allow them to gain insight without being interrupted too much. He understands that sometimes the most important part of therapy can be grieving well for many kinds of losses. And when clients present with habits or thinking patterns that are clearly working behind the scenes to sabotage their goals, he helps get to the root of the problems through a more interactive process. When trauma is the main concern, Dr. Gleave uses a standardized protocol that has been proven through research to be one of the most effective treatments (PE). His approach to therapy is influenced by client-centered, behavioral, and cognitive-behavioral theories, and he draws heavily from evidence-based treatments such as ACT, MBCT, CBT, and PE.