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Sylvia Gindy, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist located in Midtown, New York, NY

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Dr. Sylvia Gindy, Psy.D.

A strong advocate for mental health, Sylvia Gindy, Psy.D., of Thriving Center of Psychology in Midtown Manhattan and Soho is a clinical psychologist specializing in treating her patients for a variety of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder.

She’s passionate about using evidence-based therapies for patients who have experienced extremely traumatic events. She’s highly skilled in such therapeutic methods as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

Dr. Gindy’s also a firm believer in the healing power of sleep and understands the debilitating effects of problematic sleep patterns, which led her to become an expert in treating sleep disorders. Using science-supported, evidence-based strategies, she works with her patients to help them see an improvement in their sleep over several sessions.


Client Concerns I Treat


Anger Management
Borderline Personality Disorder
Career Issues
Chronic Pain
Commitment Obstacles
Communication Problems
Creative Blocks
Emerging Adulthood
Existential Crisis or Tansition
Family conflict
Fear of Failure
Grief and Bereavement
Health-related Concerns or Chronic Illness
Imposter Syndrome
Intrusive Thoughts
Life Transitions
Money-related Stress
Multicultural issues
Peer Relationships
Performance Anxiety
Personality Disorders
Relationship issues
Social Life
Suicidal Feelings
Women’s Obstacles
Workplace issues
Young Adulthood


"I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Gindy. It's clear that she not only cares about you as a client, but as a whole person. When I first walked into her office, my problems felt so heavy as though they were weighing me down. After each session, the load felt lighter and much more manageable. She helped me address problems and set goals for myself that I never thought I could achieve. Meeting with her has completely changed my perspective and I don't think that I could ever go back to the way I felt before. Many thanks!"
-ZocDoc Review

"Dr. Gindy is a skilled professional. She is warm, compassionate, and you can tell that she truly cares. When I started meeting with her, I felt pretty depressed and anxious. I spent most of my time at home, and felt very nervous in crowds of people. She helped me get back to my life and to change a lot of negative thoughts that I had about myself and others. When I feel anxious now, I know that I can handle it by using the tools that we have practiced together. Thank you Dr. Gindy!"
-ZocDoc Review

"I never thought I would be the type of person to seek out therapy. But my sleep issues were getting so bad, I didn't know where else to turn. I was getting a few hours of broken sleep every night. And I was beginning to dread going to sleep because I knew it was going to be another night of tossing and turning. Finally, I went for it and make an appointment with Dr. Gindy. I could tell right away that she was very knowledgeable about sleep and was able to determine what my problem areas were quickly. In a matter of weeks, I was sleeping better than I had in years. And the results have lasted long after we finished meeting. Definitely check her out- she's a true professional and great at what she does!"
T.R., ZocDoc Review

"I am so grateful to Dr. Gindy, my experience has been so pleasant. She's been an incredible resource and so beneficial to my life. I honestly get excited every time I'm going to her office."
-ZocDoc Review