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Anger management is a process that helps you identify stressors in your life and change the way you respond to them. If you’re in need of anger management, the expert mental health practitioners at Thriving Center of Psychology offer customized care in Midtown and Soho, NYC, Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Portland, OR, Princeton, NJ, and Miami, FL today. Find out more about how anger management can benefit you by booking a consultation either online or over the phone today.

Anger Management Q & A

Why do I need anger management?

The goal of anger management is to help you learn to manage your anger and the way you respond to triggers. You may need anger management if you:

  • Have a history of physical violence against people or property
  • Focus on negative thoughts or experiences
  • Regularly feel like you’re about to blow up
  • Are always impatient or irritable 
  • Need to hold in your anger
  • Threaten others

While anger management is certainly something you can get involved in on your own, in some cases, this type of therapy is court-ordered. Going through anger management may be required if you’ve been convicted of certain criminal offenses, including assault or domestic violence. 

What happens during anger management?

Anger management from Thriving Center of Psychology is entirely personalized to you, your history, and any requirements you may have. It may take several sessions for your mental health provider to fully understand your unique challenges. 

During your anger management sessions, your therapist or psychologist may:

  • Teach you how to problem solve
  • Help you identify triggers and stressors
  • Counsel you on how to express your feelings
  • Teach you coping skills and how to calm yourself
  • Help you learn meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Educate you about conflict resolution and defusing anger

Depending on your needs, some parts of anger management fromThriving Center of Psychology may involve couples or group therapy sessions. 

How long do I need anger management?

Your anger management plan takes time. Throughout your journey, you’ll have homework and activities to complete to ensure your treatment is successful. In the beginning stages, it’s common to need weekly anger management sessions for several months.

As you progress through your anger management plan at Thriving Center of Psychology, your dedicated mental health provider may scale back your sessions and have you come in once or twice a month to ensure you’re progressing.

Book your anger management evaluation at Thriving Center of Psychology directly through the website. You can also call the offices to speak with a team member. Appointments may be conducted via online video TeleTherapy.

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