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Couples therapy is beneficial for any couple trying to overcome turbulence in their relationship due to financial struggles, children, work, and other common stressors. Thriving Center of Psychology provides compassionate couples therapy services in Midtown and Soho, NYC, Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Portland, OR, Princeton, NJ, and Miami, FL to help you get your partnership back on track. Find out how couples therapy can benefit you and your other half by booking an appointment online or calling to speak with a team member.

Couples Therapy Q & A

What is couples therapy?

Couples therapy involves going to counseling sessions with your significant other, spouse, or partner to resolve problems and restore your healthy relationship. It’s an entirely safe environment where you and your other half are free to open up about your troubles and concerns, without fear of facing backlash or judgment.

Your mental health practitioner’s role is to help each of you sort out your feelings and alter the way you respond to situations. By working with your dedicated provider, you and your partner learn to sort through the complex issues that couples face and learn to cope and better understand each other’s viewpoints.

Do we need couples therapy?

A wide variety of couples seek therapy at Thriving Center of Psychology for common to complex issues. It may be time for you and your other half to get started on couples therapy if:

  • You have poor communication 
  • You’re struggling with finances
  • You’re arguing more than normal
  • You’re experiencing sexual dysfunction or frustration
  • You’ve lost trust in your partner, possibly due to cheating
  • You’ve recently experienced a major life change, such as loss of a job
  • You’ve been keeping something from your partner and don’t know how to tell them

Couples therapy isn’t always about solving problems. Sometimes it’s about preventing them. For instance, if you’re in a serious relationship and considering marriage, couples therapy can be beneficial for helping each of you learn how to communicate better so you can experience a long and loving marriage. 

How often do we need to attend couples therapy?

It just depends on you, your relationship, and how dedicated you are to your “homework” during therapy. The understanding team at Thriving Center of Psychology often recommends beginning with weekly couples therapy sessions for several months. 

Over time, the frequency of your visits may decrease to once or twice a month. If you or your partner struggle with personal issues, such as the loss of a parent, your dedicated mental health provider at Thriving Center of Psychology could recommend occasional individual psychotherapy sessions in addition to your couples therapy plan. 

Learn more about the personalized couples therapy services offered at Thriving Center of Psychology by booking a consultation today. You can schedule either online or over the phone. Appointments may be conducted via online video TeleTherapy.

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