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The social and cultural prejudice you can face if you identify as LGBTQ+ is often so stressful that rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems are high in this community. If you’re struggling with mental health issues, the highly skilled team at Thriving Center of Psychology in Midtown and Soho, NYC, Los Angeles, CA, Minneapolis, MN, Portland, OR, Princeton, NJ, and Miami, FL can help. Compassionate treatment from the right mental health professionals can make an invaluable contribution to improving your health and quality of life. Find out how by calling the New York City office today or book an appointment online today.


What is the LGBTQ+ community?

In most cultures around the world, the only acceptable sexual relationship is between a man and a woman. If you’re lesbian, gay, or bisexual, you might well encounter discrimination and often be a victim of persecution.

It’s not only gay and bisexual folks who suffer from this kind of prejudice. Being transgender also carries a significant stigma. Although you know in your heart that changing gender was the right move for you personally, other people can still be cruel and make everyday life difficult.

Many others don’t identify with any of these labels but feel they don’t fit into the “straight” pigeonhole either. Whatever your feelings about your sexuality or gender identity, the LGBTQ+ community embraces everyone.

Why do LGBTQ+ folks have poor mental health?

Many who identify as LGBTQ+ have poor mental health because they face bullying, discrimination, and even violence on a regular basis. Living with that kind of stress and fear every day inevitably affects your mental health. 

Research indicates that suicide levels in the LGBTQ+ community are significantly higher than among heterosexual people. Life expectancy for LGBTQ+ folks living in places where there’s a high degree of prejudice can be lower by an average of 12 years.

Unfortunately, there’s still a level of stigma attached to seeking help for mental health problems. The truth is that getting help can change your life for the better. Be brave and take the first step by contacting Thriving Center of Psychology.

How can mental health support help me feel better?

Your psychologist at Thriving Center of Psychology can help relieve the chronic stress you’re living with. Even if you don’t feel especially depressed or anxious, chronic stress can significantly affect your work and home life and take a toll on your physical health.

When you take part in a therapy program at Thriving Center of Psychology, your stress and anxiety levels come down, reducing the likelihood of clinical depression developing and helping you enjoy life more.

Your feelings about yourself and your self-esteem can improve considerably with help from your psychologist. Your relationships with other people also improve. 

You can expect to think more clearly, sleep better, and feel more positive. Your psychologist can also help you learn coping skills that make it easier to handle life’s challenges.

Find out more about mental health support and how it can change your life for the better. Call Thriving Center of Psychology today or book an appointment online. Appointments may be conducted via online video TeleTherapy.

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